For prayer requests  - Please use the form on the clipboard in the narthex or send a request here. Please notify the church office if you or a family member are admitted to the hospital. 




There are two Sunday school classes:

Class A (children who have not made their First Holy Communion) and Class B (children who have made their First Holy Communion and will be making conformation). Sunday school is every Sunday except 1st Sunday of each month. After the Children's Message, children are invited to meet in the Narthex to head to class. 

Class A Work for April 5th:                     Class B Work for April 5th: 









The goal of our music ministry at St. Stephen's is to provide good, balanced earfood for all who come to encounter Christ. The specific music ministry on St. Stephen's parish rests on St. Stephen's Choir, an ensemble including members of the parish, church community and college students



There are a ton of ways to serve in the church including giving to the food pantry, serving for the Lords Lunch, etc.