Sing with joy to God, our strength

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The goal of our music ministry at St. Stephen's is to provide good, balanced earfood for all who come to encounter Christ. The specific music ministry on St. Stephen's parish rests on St. Stephen's Choir, an ensemble including members of the parish, church community and college students.

A weekly offering


St. Stephen's choir sings almost every Sunday. The Lutheran Tradition is a compilation of music dating back to the early Christian church and beyond. Our music is rooted in the hymn style known as the chorale. Chorale texts are often New Testament parable paraphrases. What is important to remember is that the chorales come directly from the Scripture and provide the worshiper to communicate directly with God with no intermediary, usually using an organ or piano as an assisting vehicle. A Moeller 27-rank pipe organ, originally built in 1935, was dedicated on Christ the King Sunday, 1990. Currently, an Organ Campaign Fund is underway for renovation.​