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God brings those who are baptized out of death and into life.

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Baptism is a “holy bath” by which our old self is drowned to sin and death and raised to new life in Christ. Baptism begins the Christian life faith, and it is how we all join the church. Baptism is a gift of God, freely given, and we are happy to celebrate the baptism of you and/or your loved one. Typically, there is a time of instruction with the pastor before baptism (usually two meetings). Christians can be baptized as infants, children, or adults, and Lutherans typically baptize infants.


Because the whole church (Lutheran and otherwise) practices Baptism, once you are baptized, you are not baptized again. If you are joining us from another Christian tradition, your Baptism is honored and celebrated in our congregation. If you are looking to have yourself or your child baptized, email us. The best way to decide if Baptism is right for you is to come to worship!

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