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As two become one by their promises, God blesses them.


St. Stephen’s celebrates marriage as a civil institution that the church surrounds with its witness, prayer, and blessing. We are delighted to celebrate your wedding here, especially in our beautiful sanctuary or outside underneath the trees in front of the picturesque lake next to our property. While Lutherans believe that marriage is a way of living out our baptismal calling, you do not need to be baptized to be married here. All marriages conducted in the church must feature prayer and Bible readings, though plenty of secular arts and music are welcome.


Just as God delights in families of all types, we too delight in celebrating the unions of LGBTQ+ couples, same-gender, interreligious, or ecumenical couples. Our pastor is happy to work with you to design a wedding ceremony that honors your culture, your wishes, and your lives together. Typically, there are two counseling sessions with the pastor before your wedding. Pastor Joe is a qualified facilitator for “Prepare-Enrich”, a marital counseling resource available to all couples. For additional information and requirements, please email us.

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