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The Holy Spirit, the comforter, gathers us in worship.

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Jesus’ death on the cross is a promise to us that God is with us even through death, and Jesus’ resurrection is God’s promise that death is not the end. Any time you lose a loved one is a difficult time, one filled with sadness and grief, but sometimes too with relief and good memories. The time after a loved one’s death can be complicated and stressful. Often, matters can be urgent. It’s best to call the church’s office at
856-845-1747 if a loved one has recently died.



Your church community is here for you, especially at this time. The earlier you can contact us, the better we are able to walk with you through this difficult time. Pastor Joe can offer pastoral care around the time of death. We can celebrate with you, lament with you, and share God’s word in times of sadness. Services are arranged at the family’s convenience and according to the pastor’s availability. Funerals and memorials can be graveside, in our church sanctuary, or in the funeral home. Viewings and wakes can be in funeral homes or in our church. Funerals can include or omit the sacrament of Holy Communion, and they can include sacred or appropriate secular music.


When a loved one dies, either the funeral home will contact us at your request, or you can contact us yourself. Once it’s clear we can provide one, we will set up a time to plan the funeral in person. This is both an opportunity to make arrangements and a time to remember and reminisce. You may choose to bring along ideas for special music, readings, or requests, or we can provide them. We also are happy to pre-plan a funeral if you prefer. While it may seem morbid, this can be a gift to your loved ones: one less thing to worry about.



St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church has a columbarium and memorial garden in which you or your loved one’s remains may be interred. This peaceful place at the front of the church is a well-maintained and cherished part of our campus here. A columbarium is a wall of niches in which urns of ashes reside with a small memorial plaque. If you choose, you can have your ashes mixed with the earth in our memorial garden. The presence of our departed saints at our place of worship reminds us of the hope we all share in Jesus’ resurrection. For more information about interment at St. Stephen’s memorial garden, email us.

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