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A New Beginning

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

As we prepare to celebrate Labor Day, we also look to the traditional end of summer. Labor Day is a time to celebrate and give thanks for workers whose labor and advocacy have made our society better. It’s also a time to get in a last day at a guarded beach, one last ride at the amusement pier, or perhaps to fold and put away your white linen shirts. Maybe the school year brings dread, or maybe it brings liberation!

Labor Day is also a time to MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR THE NEXT SUNDAY, because even if there is a chill in the air, church is heating up! Next Sunday, September 10, we will be celebrating Rally Day, the traditional beginning to the church year.

Beginning with our 9:30 AM Service, we will be celebrating all things vocational. God calls each and every one of us to the dignity of work and learning for the sake of our happiness and that of our community. During our service, we will be blessing backpacks, briefcases, and any student or work bags, depending on God’s presence with us in our work and our play. After service, we will have our first Sunday school sessions and members of our council will be available to talk about the ministries of our church.

At 12 PM, we will shift our focus to participate in “God’s Work, Our Hands Sunday”, which is a national effort led by the ELCA Churchwide organization to get congregations out of our pews and into our communities. We will be holding a voter registration drive on our front lawn and providing snacks, goodies, and free water ice to those who stop by and say hi. It’s a great opportunity to make a difference, meet new people, and participate in God’s work in our neighborhood.

Both of these events are a great time to reconnect and recommit to the many gifts that church life brings. Together, we celebrate community and friendship. Together, we make a difference for those least fortunate. Together, we learn and grow and advocate for what is right. I look forward to a great year celebrating God’s grace, and I hope to see you there! Even though it’s after Labor Day, I’ll still be wearing white :)

Faithfully yours,

Pastor Joe

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